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JUVE Hand­book of Com­mer­cial Law Firms (JUVE Hand­buch Wirtschaftskanzleien)

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LEGAL 500 – Germany’s Lea­ding Law Firms

«is one of the lea­ding Ger­man law firms in envi­ron­men­tal, plan­ning and tech­no­lo­gy law due to the com­bi­na­ti­on of legal and tech­ni­cal know-how»

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Wir ste­hen für exzel­len­te und pro­spek­ti­ve Rechtsberatung

With Oex­le Kopp-Assen­ma­cher Lück, almost 20 lawy­ers from the law firms Köh­ler & Klett and Kopp-Assen­ma­cher & Nus­ser join forces across loca­ti­ons. Thanks to the com­bi­ned and inte­gra­ted exper­ti­se of the par­ti­ci­pa­ting lawy­ers with their com­ple­men­ta­ry expe­ri­ence and ser­vice port­fo­li­os, Oex­le Kopp-Assen­ma­cher Lück is one of the most pro­mi­nent law firms in envi­ron­men­tal and plan­ning law in Germany.

As part of our stra­te­gic deve­lo­p­ment, we are poo­ling our exis­ting com­pe­ten­ci­es and expe­ri­ence across all loca­ti­ons in the new prac­ti­ce group „Cli­ma­te, Trans­for­ma­ti­on and Indus­tri­al Moder­ni­sa­ti­on“ to advi­se our cli­ents on the trans­for­ma­ti­on of Ger­ma­ny as an indus­tri­al loca­ti­on towards cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty. We are stri­ving for fur­ther growth and are recrui­ting young and crea­ti­ve minds with a „next gene­ra­ti­on“ culture.


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Neue Pra­xis­grup­pe Kli­ma, Trans­for­ma­ti­on und indus­tri­el­le Modernisierung

Oex­le Kopp-Assen­ma­cher Lück com­bi­nes the exis­ting com­pe­ten­ci­es and expe­ri­ence in envi­ron­men­tal and plan­ning law to form a new prac­ti­ce group „Cli­ma­te, Trans­for­ma­ti­on and Indus­tri­al Moder­ni­sa­ti­on“. We advi­se our cli­ents across our offices in trans­forming Ger­ma­ny as an indus­tri­al loca­ti­on towards cli­ma­te neu­tra­li­ty with all its effects on the infra­struc­tu­re as well as on exis­ting pro­ces­ses, resour­ces and products.

Oex­le Kopp-Assen­ma­cher Lück under­stand them­sel­ves as legal navi­ga­tors and plan­ning part­ners in cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion law and all rela­ted legal are­as. Our cli­ents from indus­try, medi­um-sca­le busi­nesses and the public sec­tor bene­fit from even broa­der, more pro­found and more pro­s­pec­ti­ve legal advice based on exis­ting exper­ti­se and experience.


Oex­le Kopp-Assen­ma­cher Lück pro­vi­de out­stan­ding con­sul­ting ser­vices. Decis­i­on-makers from indus­try, medi­um-sca­le busi­nesses and the public sec­tor value us as expe­ri­en­ced navi­ga­tors. Our legal advice crea­tes added value. We open up scope for action and crea­ti­ve design.

Indus­tri­al trans­for­ma­ti­on, cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion, and cir­cu­lar economy

The fos­sil age, which long ago began with the inven­ti­on of the coal-fired steam engi­ne, is coming to an end with the decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on of indus­tri­al pro­ces­ses alre­a­dy under­way. Achie­ving the cen­tral cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion goal – „net zero emis­si­ons“ – requi­res what is argu­ab­ly the most ambi­tious eco­no­mic moder­ni­sa­ti­on pro­cess sin­ce the indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on. The trans­for­ma­ti­on into a cli­ma­te-com­pa­ti­ble, sus­tainable low-emis­si­on eco­no­my can only suc­ceed through sub­stan­ti­al invest­ment, fun­da­men­tal inno­va­ti­on, and entre­pre­neu­ri­al stra­te­gic foresight.

An important com­po­nent of this indus­tri­al trans­for­ma­ti­on is the rea­li­sa­ti­on of a sys­tem focu­sing on cir­cu­lar eco­no­my. Accor­ding to cal­cu­la­ti­ons by the Ellen Mac­Ar­thur Foun­da­ti­on, cir­cu­lar eco­no­my has the poten­ti­al to redu­ce green­house gas emis­si­ons in key indus­tri­al sec­tors by 45 per­cent. This invol­ves much more than the clas­sic cir­cu­lar eco­no­my which is pri­ma­ri­ly tar­ge­ted at the was­te stage of pro­ducts. A com­pre­hen­si­ve cir­cu­lar eco­no­my is based on a life­cy­cle approach of clo­sed pro­duc­tion cycles and requi­res a fun­da­men­tal­ly new design of pro­ducts and pro­duc­tion processes.

For years, we have been advi­sing cli­ents across indus­tries and sec­tors on all legal issues rela­ted to the rea­li­sa­ti­on of decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on and cir­cu­lar eco­no­my. We actively shape the legal frame­work and sup­port our cli­ents from a wide ran­ge of indus­tries in mee­ting the diver­se chal­lenges of indus­tri­al change.

Cir­cu­lar eco­no­my and dis­po­sal of waste

The importance of cir­cu­lar eco­no­my is gro­wing, also becau­se it has the poten­ti­al to signi­fi­cant­ly redu­ce CO2 emis­si­ons. Cir­cu­lar eco­no­my is thus one of the key sec­tors on the way to the neces­sa­ry decou­pling of growth from resour­ce con­sump­ti­on. Howe­ver, the cur­rent legal frame­work does not yet take suf­fi­ci­ent account of this fin­ding; on the con­tra­ry, it hin­ders the deve­lo­p­ment of cir­cu­lar eco­no­my in many places and sets wrong priorities.

Howe­ver, a rethink is emer­ging here: The cli­ma­te poli­cy pro­fi­le of cir­cu­lar eco­no­my has recent­ly been cle­ar­ly shar­pe­ned in poli­ti­cal pro­gram­mes such as the Euro­pean Green Deal, the Euro­pean Cir­cu­lar Eco­no­my Action Plan and the Coali­ti­on Agree­ment 2021 – 2025. If poli­cy­ma­kers fol­low up the­se pro­gram­me prin­ci­ples with action, the cir­cu­lar eco­no­my, which for reasons of health and envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion must be accom­pa­nied, at least until sys­tem per­fec­tion, by the reduc­tion of pol­lut­ants, such as through the inci­ne­ra­ti­on and land­fil­ling of pre-trea­ted was­te, is about to recei­ve a huge boost. We are loo­king for­ward to accom­pany­ing the indus­try, in which we are deep­ly roo­ted, in this development.

Indus­tri­al faci­li­ties and stra­te­gic pro­ce­du­ral management

Indus­tri­al and com­mer­cial faci­li­ties must be adapt­ed to pro­gres­si­ve and dyna­mic envi­ron­men­tal stan­dards at regu­lar inter­vals. One exam­p­le of this is the new “TA Luft 2021” (Tech­ni­cal Ins­truc­tions on Air Qua­li­ty Con­trol 2021), which, among other things, imple­ments a num­ber of Euro­pean requi­re­ments – in par­ti­cu­lar the BAT con­clu­si­ons. Plant ope­ra­tors con­ti­nue to invest in was­te gas puri­fi­ca­ti­on and emis­si­on reduc­tion tech­no­lo­gies, deve­lop decar­bo­ni­sa­ti­on stra­te­gies and imple­ment them. Plant-rela­ted adapt­a­ti­on requi­re­ments can also result from chan­ges in mar­ket and cus­to­mer requi­re­ments. A key com­pe­ti­ti­ve fac­tor for the suc­cess of indus­tri­al and com­mer­cial plant ope­ra­tors today lies in the effi­ci­en­cy of immis­si­on con­trol licen­sing procedures.

In pro­vi­ding legal advice, we rely on pre­cise legal exper­ti­se, an under­stan­ding of the ope­ra­tio­nal and tech­ni­cal con­text, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ve intui­ti­on, stra­te­gic pro­ce­du­ral manage­ment and asser­ti­ve­ness. We have many years of expe­ri­ence in almost all bran­ches of indus­try and, if neces­sa­ry, can draw on a broad net­work of engi­nee­ring firms, asso­cia­ti­ons and other orga­ni­sa­ti­ons. This enables us to pro­vi­de tail­or-made legal ser­vices – from the plan­ning and design of plants to their ongo­ing operation.

Rene­wa­ble ener­gies and hydrogen

The switch to elec­tri­ci­ty and heat from rene­wa­ble ener­gies requi­res fur­ther – also decen­tra­li­sed – expan­si­on of wind, solar and bio­en­er­gy pro­jects. We sup­port com­pa­nies and the public sec­tor in the rea­li­sa­ti­on of pro­jects for the expan­si­on of rene­wa­ble ener­gies. Our exper­ti­se covers all legal aspects to be dealt with in the rele­vant plan­ning and licen­sing pro­ce­du­res. We are fami­li­ar with the rele­vant issues and chal­lenges of such projects.

We also advo­ca­te instru­ments for the urgen­tly nee­ded acce­le­ra­ti­on of plan­ning and licen­sing. In this con­text, we sup­port, for exam­p­le, uni­form nati­on­wi­de assess­ment methods – for exam­p­le, in the assess­ment of the pro­tec­tion of spe­ci­es in con­nec­tion with wind ener­gy and grid expan­si­on projects.

Ener­gy-inten­si­ve indus­tries in par­ti­cu­lar have been inves­t­ing in inno­va­ti­ve pro­ces­ses for years in order to lar­ge­ly and per­ma­nent­ly redu­ce pro­cess-rela­ted green­house gas emis­si­ons that can­not be avo­ided or can only be avo­ided with dif­fi­cul­ty under the cur­rent sta­te of the art. Hydro­gen can beco­me a key tech­no­lo­gy here. We sup­port and assist com­pa­nies in this trans­for­ma­ti­on – espe­ci­al­ly with regard to the various fields of appli­ca­ti­on of hydro­gen and its infra­struc­tu­ral connection.

Infra­struc­tu­re and planning

The ener­gy and trans­port infra­struc­tu­re in Ger­ma­ny is under­go­ing a mas­si­ve moder­ni­sa­ti­on pro­cess invol­ving a signi­fi­cant need for invest­ment. On the way to a CO2-neu­tral eco­no­my, rail­roads need to be moder­nis­ed, ports and water­ways expan­ded and high-per­for­mance power lines built. The poli­ti­cal expan­si­on tar­gets for such spa­ti­al­ly deman­ding infra­struc­tu­re pro­jects must be recon­ci­led with a lar­ge num­ber of envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion stan­dards; they are also the focus of par­ti­cu­lar public atten­ti­on. In regio­nal plan­ning and plan­ning appr­oval pro­ce­du­res, as well as in other appr­oval pro­ce­du­res, sci­en­ti­fic and legal issues are intert­wi­ned. It is neces­sa­ry to work through the tech­ni­cal legal details while at the same time kee­ping a con­sis­tent eye on the pro­ject as a who­le. Due to our com­pre­hen­si­ve exper­ti­se – cove­ring all sub-are­as of envi­ron­men­tal and plan­ning law – in the same sub-are­as of envi­ron­men­tal and plan­ning law, our many years of prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence in deal­ing with appr­oval aut­ho­ri­ties, experts and the public, as well as our team strength, we have all the com­pe­ten­ci­es requi­red to suc­cessful­ly sup­port our cli­ents in the rea­li­sa­ti­on of their projects.

Water and wastewater

Water and was­te­wa­ter law, inclu­ding the law on admi­nis­tra­ti­ve fees, has tra­di­tio­nal­ly been one of our main are­as of exper­ti­se. In addi­ti­on to clas­si­cal pro­blems in this area, issues of water manage­ment, water with­dra­wal, prio­ri­ti­sa­ti­on of use, water reu­se, pro­tec­tion against hea­vy rain­fall and floods, and the expan­si­on and recon­s­truc­tion of water manage­ment infra­struc­tures have once again beco­me the focus of our legal prac­ti­ce – not least due to the con­se­quen­ces of cli­ma­te chan­ge. In addi­ti­on, we deal with the imple­men­ta­ti­on of the objec­ti­ves of the Water Frame­work Direc­ti­ve, the indi­vi­du­al design of manage­ment plans, licen­ces under water law and plant-rela­ted water protection.

Plant pro­tec­tion pro­ducts and fertilisers

Plant pro­tec­tion pro­ducts and fer­ti­li­sers make an important con­tri­bu­ti­on to plant health and crop pro­duc­tion. The requi­re­ments for the­se pro­ducts are har­mo­nis­ed within the Euro­pean Uni­on. They ensu­re a uni­form and high level of pro­tec­tion for human and ani­mal health and the envi­ron­ment; in addi­ti­on, they ensu­re the com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of agriculture.

We advi­se com­pa­nies in the crop pro­tec­tion and fer­ti­li­ser indus­tries on all regu­la­to­ry issues as well as on the draf­ting of contracts.

Public pro­cu­re­ment

Our well-estab­lished team of public pro­cu­re­ment law experts atta­ches gre­at importance to the hig­hest qua­li­ty and com­pre­hen­si­ve sup­port in all types of pro­cu­re­ment pro­ce­du­res as well as time-cri­ti­cal pro­cu­re­ment pro­jects. We advi­se com­pa­nies on their par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in public pro­cu­re­ment pro­ce­du­res and the awar­ding bodies on the struc­tu­ring and imple­men­ta­ti­on of such pro­ce­du­res. Among other things, new legal requi­re­ments – such as tho­se rela­ting to sus­tainable and inno­va­ti­ve pro­cu­re­ment – must be taken into account. We have many years of expe­ri­ence and in-depth indus­try know­ledge, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in the are­as of was­te manage­ment and dis­po­sal, envi­ron­ment, trans­port, health­ca­re, con­s­truc­tion, infra­struc­tu­re and archi­tec­tu­re. Pro­cu­re­ment law is not an island for us: Whe­re neces­sa­ry for suc­cess, we work clo­se­ly with our envi­ron­men­tal, muni­ci­pal and cor­po­ra­te lawy­ers, your tax lawy­ers and tech­ni­cal consultants.

Sta­te aid and subsidies

In most cases, sta­te aid or sub­si­dies can only be award­ed sub­ject to the ful­film­ent of regu­la­to­ry con­di­ti­ons. When struc­tu­ring and gran­ting public sub­si­dies, loans and gua­ran­tees, it is neces­sa­ry to take into account a wide ran­ge of natio­nal as well as Com­mu­ni­ty legal frame­work con­di­ti­ons. We advi­se sta­te aid and sub­s­idy pro­vi­ders as well as pri­va­te and public com­pa­nies in the role of the grant reci­pi­ent. We have many years of expe­ri­ence in sta­te aid law and in-depth know­ledge of the was­te manage­ment and dis­po­sal, envi­ron­ment, trans­port, health­ca­re, con­s­truc­tion, infra­struc­tu­re and archi­tec­tu­re sec­tors. Whe­ther invest­ment and expan­si­on mea­su­res, monu­ment pro­tec­tion and deve­lo­p­ment pro­jects, moder­ni­sa­ti­on, pri­va­tis­a­ti­on and PPP (Public-Pri­va­te Part­ner­ship), cri­sis aid and com­pe­ti­ti­on issues – we gui­de you through the pit­falls of sub­s­idy and sta­te aid law.

Con­tracts and cor­po­ra­te management

We advi­se on the draf­ting of artic­les of asso­cia­ti­on, res­truc­tu­ring, cor­po­ra­te tran­sac­tions as well as on stra­te­gic issues of cor­po­ra­te manage­ment. In addi­ti­on to out­stan­ding legal exper­ti­se, this requi­res entre­pre­neu­ri­al under­stan­ding, fore­sight in anti­ci­pa­ting pro­blems and crea­ti­vi­ty in deve­lo­ping the best pos­si­ble solutions.

We also have par­ti­cu­lar exper­ti­se in draf­ting con­tracts at the inter­face with envi­ron­men­tal law. Envi­ron­men­tal law requi­re­ments must often be imple­men­ted by the mar­ket play­ers con­cer­ned through civil law con­tracts. The task of draf­ting such con­tracts in a legal­ly secu­re and prac­ti­ca­ble man­ner requi­res not only spe­cial legal exper­ti­se in civil and envi­ron­men­tal law, but also in-depth indus­try know­ledge and the abili­ty to deve­lop inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons. In our law firm, such con­tracts are draf­ted and for­mu­la­ted in clo­se coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween con­tract lawy­ers and envi­ron­men­tal lawyers.

Liti­ga­ti­on and dis­pu­te resolution

We advi­se and repre­sent you in cor­po­ra­te law dis­pu­tes and deve­lop liti­ga­ti­on stra­te­gies as well as stra­te­gies for out-of-court sett­le­ment of such conflicts.

We advi­se and repre­sent you in asser­ting or defen­ding civil lia­bi­li­ty claims as well as in sta­te lia­bi­li­ty cases invol­ving envi­ron­men­tal law that are brought befo­re the civil courts. In doing so, we com­bi­ne our out­stan­ding com­pe­tence in envi­ron­men­tal law with out­stan­ding expert know­ledge in civil litigation.

We advi­se and repre­sent com­pa­nies in the defence of cli­ma­te lawsuits in which injunc­ti­ve reli­ef is sought and/or lia­bi­li­ty claims are asser­ted against com­pa­nies under aspects of cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion law.

Com­pli­ance, due dili­gence and cri­sis management

We advi­se in the con­text of com­pli­ance and due dili­gence audits. We iden­ti­fy envi­ron­men­tal risks, assess them legal­ly and deve­lop prac­ti­cal solu­ti­ons. Our excep­tio­nal spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on and many years of expe­ri­ence in envi­ron­men­tal law, which is not limi­t­ed to tran­sac­tion­al busi­ness, as well as our broad and resi­li­ent net­work, give our cli­ents the decisi­ve edge.

Our con­sul­ting ser­vices also include the deve­lo­p­ment and imple­men­ta­ti­on of com­pa­ny-spe­ci­fic com­pli­ance sys­tems as well as their review and optimisation.

In addi­ti­on, we have many years of expe­ri­ence in sup­port­ing com­pa­nies in envi­ron­men­tal­ly rele­vant cri­sis situa­tions. We are able to act quick­ly and advi­se on the imme­dia­te mea­su­res to be taken as well as the pro­per com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with envi­ron­men­tal aut­ho­ri­ties, public pro­se­cu­tors, media and stake­hol­ders. Final­ly, we work out relia­ble stra­te­gies for the final solu­ti­on of the pro­blems and imple­ment them with our clients.

Spe­cial public law issues

As a result of the firm’s spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on in tech­ni­cal issues which are con­stant­ly and dyna­mi­cal­ly deve­lo­ping, the cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on of legal ques­ti­ons which have not yet been con­clu­si­ve­ly cla­ri­fied in case law and juris­pru­dence is part of our ever­y­day pro­fes­sio­nal work. In par­ti­cu­lar, the mani­fold inter­sec­tions bet­ween admi­nis­tra­ti­ve law and con­sti­tu­tio­nal and Euro­pean law must be taken into account.

The basis for the pro­per reso­lu­ti­on of such novel and excep­tio­nal legal issues is our in-depth know­ledge of public law, our con­fi­dent com­mand of legal methods, our com­pre­hen­si­ve under­stan­ding of sys­tems, and our abili­ty to quick­ly grasp new or unfa­mi­li­ar legal topics. The know­ledge and expe­ri­ence we have gai­ned through our work at the fore­front of envi­ron­men­tal and plan­ning law enable us to pro­vi­de com­pe­tent advice to cli­ents in uni­que case con­stel­la­ti­ons, even out­side the core area of our spe­cia­li­sa­ti­on, and to assist in the reso­lu­ti­on of legal pro­blems in all are­as of public law.

Our team

We under­stand our­sel­ves as part­ners and navi­ga­tors for our cli­ents. We accom­pa­ny our cli­ents on their way into the future in a com­plex and dyna­mic regu­la­to­ry environment.































Dr Fried­rich Markmann






Bereit für ein neu­es Kapitel?

We are still loo­king for team play­ers with a pas­si­on for envi­ron­men­tal, plan­ning and public pro­cu­re­ment law. Bright minds who will work with us to fur­ther deve­lop the inno­va­ti­ve prac­ti­ce group „Cli­ma­te, Trans­for­ma­ti­on and Indus­tri­al Moder­ni­sa­ti­on“. Sounds exci­ting? It is!

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